Legal information about buying

From Dream to Reality,
The purchase process:

Comporta Signature are artisan developers offering tailored turn-key villas on demand only.


The standard yet flexible process is as follows:

Preliminary gentleman’s agreement

Is a mere memorandum of understanding covering the business model and process agreed by the purchaser and the developer, such as:

  • Size and space of future house
  • Traditional concrete construction or green-friendly with modern structure
  • Approximate budget
  • Schedule

Plot selection

The developer is due to preselect a choice of locations according to budget for the purchaser’s final choice.

Plot Purchase

The purchaser is free to directly buy the plot selected or to ask the developer to buy it for him. Both options are valid.

Simultaneous to the plot transaction the parties establish the development contract that includes:

  • Agreement of the construction and interior design projects
  • Licensing
  • Works contractual schedule
  • 35% down payment on estimate previously agreed
  • 35% as per construction progress
  • 20% as per construction progress
  • 10% when delivery

Orientating schedule:

  • For traditional concrete 12 to 15 months
  • For green-friendly technology 8 to 9 months

From Dream to Reality,
Budgets and projections:

Land in Comporta is rare, and strictly regulated planning wise

  • Maximum 500m2 per villa
  • Maximum ground-floor plus one
  • Average construction 3 to 4% per square meter of land


That makes the cost of land usually equivalent or superior to the construction cost.

But that precisely makes Comporta unique as a green-friendly low-density refuge.

Prices typically go from:

– 300,000€ for small plots in urbanised villa condos

– About one million€ for 50,000m2 semi rustic. Plot for one villa maximum


Tailored individual villas designed for you personally, in terms of:


  • Construction specs
  • Architecture and interior design
  • Green-friendly qualities


Therefore, what Comporta Signature is offering is a global expertise to create unique homes under a concept. We are not trying to compete with big developers working on formatted models, and our offer is “soul included for discerning buyers.”

Construction Prices

Our average preliminary quotes go as per specs and requirements from 4.000€ to 5.000€ per covered area square metre.


That includes:

  • Project
  • Licences
  • Urbanisation (plot services)
  • Landscaping
  • Domotics
  • Swimming Pool
  • Management
  • Insurances
  • First occupancy licence
  • Fully fitted and equipped luxury kitchen
  • Fully fitted and equipped bath-rooms


That does not include:

  • Land
  • Interior Design
  • Specific requirements such as security system, heated pool, polarised glazing, etc…

Interior Design

Is at purchaser’s disposal simultaneously to M.O.U. (Memorandum of understanding) issuing

Promissory Contract

Is at purchaser’s disposal simultaneously to M.O.U. (Memorandum of understanding) issuing

Discovery Weekend

As soon as your intention to acquire on demand a luxury tailored property in Comporta is getting mature, we shall gladly organise and coordinate your discovery weekend in collaboration with our travel agent partner in every European capital.