Todos están allí

Todos están allí, disfrutando de la paz y la privacidad. Desde Harrison Ford, Madonna, los Grimaldi-Casiraghi, Jacques Grange, Françoise Dumas, Christian Louboutin, Philippe Starck y muchos más, como demuestran los recortes de prensa adjunta.

Pero Comporta jamás será Cannes, y así tiene que ser…

Comporta · The Times UK

The Times writer describes Comporta in his article as « Laid-back luxe in western Portugal. « On Portugal’s west coast, some 90 minutes south of Lisbon, is the small village of Comporta. There’s not much to look at there. You could easily pass through it, although the attractive vernacular architecture of woven reed façades and palm-clad gabled roofs, unique to this area, would catch your eye.

Comporta · The Guardian

The Guardian recently reported on Comporta as Portugal’s hottest new destination. The feature’s writer, Susannah Osborne, compares this well-kept secret to the serene White Isles of Ibiza thanks to expanses of tranquil beach where afternoons are spent lounging on bean bags, listening to chilled-out music and gazing out to the sparkling Atlantic. In total, the undiscovered natural paradise that is Comporta consists of 20 kilometres of picturesque coastline offering luxurious eco-friendly living at still affordable prices.

Comporta · Independent

Independent writer, Mark Jones refers to Comporta as a different Portugal, one that could as well be in an almost completely different country to the Algarve. Setting the scene for a private version of Tuscany, which looks as though it has stepped right out of an architect’s presentation, the area is fast becoming a secret hideaway for A-list celebrities looking for a secluded, peaceful paradise within a natural setting.

Comporta · Wall Street Journal

Tranquil Comporta has become the inspiring haven for many celebrities, offering refined luxury within a green eco-friendly setting. World renowned French fashion designer Christian Louboutin has recently added a sixth property to his impressive collection, of which his new home in Comporta will be the most significant of all, selected as the preferred location of seclusion where he can draw inspiration from the local scenery and beauty to sketch his latest collections.

Comporta · The Times

Describing it as the new ‘Celebrity A list’ holiday destination of choice, The Times takes a look at smart and unspoiled Comporta, which has become a secret hideaway for those who need an escape in a beautiful setting. Comparing the hidden gem to the likes of St Tropez in the 1950’s and the Hamptons in the 1970’s, Carol Lewis explores the authenticity of the peaceful area referring to it as the real Portugal, a region favoured by the likes of Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, who have also come to enjoy this secluded natural paradise.

How to spend it

Financial Times writer Andrew Barker discovered celebrated shoe designer Christian Louboutin’s love affair with the unspoilt coastline of Comporta, which bears a resemblance to stylish romantic retreats such as the Hamptons. Louboutin describes his time in the Comporta region as driving around a late-medieval landscape, arriving on foot daily to the beautiful wild beaches and taking it back to basics by growing his own vegetables at a home surrounded by olive trees and the fresh scent of pine trees.

Condé Nast Traveller

Cool Comporta

Condé Naste writer Von Simon defines Comporta as being unlike anywhere you have ever been before, boasting spectacular sandy beaches where ‘A listers’ relax in the natural beach-shack vibe. Comporta offers a rustic easy going way of life where the focus is on the beach and the well looked after nature reserve, a place where sandy fields are full of brightly coloured flowers and organic fruit and vegetables, and where natural sandy roads lead the way from house to house.

Comporta · Hola!

The Spanish society magazine Hola! has its own take on Comporta, describing it as an eco-chic paradise for Europe’s trendy set. From the children of Princess Caroline of Monaco to the Queen of Jordan, more and more top level celebrities are discovering this beautiful, unspoiled and highly protected part of Portugal – which is already being compared to classic hippie chic destinations such as Formentera, St Tropéz and Cap Saint Ferrat.

Comporta · El Mundo

Referring to Comporta as the Portuguese paradise that seduces the jet set, El Mundo labels the area as the fashionable destination of choice for top names in fashion, many of whom have developed a love affair with its rustic chic vibe. French shoe designer Christian Louboutin has revealed that he owns three houses in Portugal, one of which is in the discreet paradise of Comporta, where he relaxes and disconnects from busy life in Paris.

Comporta · El Mundo

Peace, serenity and the possibility to enjoy a relaxing break out of sight of the media is what has made Comporta the destination of choice for many Spanish celebrities, such as fashion designer Jorge Vázquez and Interior designers Otero and Ramiro Mora, who enjoy the magical charm of this sustainable resort with its rugged beaches and rustic chic ambience. Increasingly, Comporta is allowing the elite to enjoy some time off the grid.

Comporta · Le Figaro

Endless expanses of long, sandy beaches, virgin dunes touched by pine forests and finally farmland and wetlands that serve as breeding grounds for a multitude of bird species; this is how many have come to experience Comporta, a coastal paradise two hours from the Algarve and less than an hour from Lisbon. Such scenery, combined with clear blue waters, surfer’s waves and charming little rustic chic resort villages are seducing those in the know.

Comporta · El Figaro

Le Figaro introduces the reader to Europe’s latest ‘discovery’, extolling the virtues of one of the few remaining coastal paradises. Unlike many a flashy resort destination, this natural Portuguese paradise is characterised by a distinct style of country chic in which nature features strongly. It is precisely this, combined with the peace and privacy, that draws so many celebrities to this region right now.

Comporta · Diario de Noticias

The Spanish newspaper reports that after Europe’s elite news of Comporta’s unique appeal has now also spread across the Atlantic, where many an American celebrity is taking an interest in this hitherto undiscovered area. Among them are Harrison Ford and his wife Calista Flockhart, who are reportedly looking for a suitable property to buy in Comporta.

Comporta · Vivre le Portugal

Portugal is fast becoming a voguish destination in its own right as Lisbon is in full expansion, with its classic charm, beautiful architecture, enticing cuisine and hip addresses. However, the Alentejo coast at Comporta only an hour’s drive from the chic capital has also become a secret sanctuary for the wealthy, a place where residents live in authentic eco-friendly homes on the sand between rice fields and rugged beaches looking out to natural forests that provide haven of relaxation away from the crowds.


The writers of Hola! Magazine spent some time with famous interior designer Jacques Grange at his charming beachside cottage in Comporta, describing not only the natural beauty and laidback way of life that this area offers, but also the exclusive social scene, as more and more HNW individuals are making their way here.