Bass Systems

Bass Systems

The green-friendly philosophy

In Comporta one doesn’t develop property, but create homes with a soul. Right from the outset we intended to give absolute priority to the eco-friendly and sustainable credentials of the properties we built in Comporta. This commitment to a natural philosophy draws heavily as on avant-garde technology as it does on our ethos as artisan developers. In Bass Houses we have found the perfect partner to create homes with the heartbeat of their surroundings


The Bass System is a highly innovative, cutting-edge building technique based upon bioclimatic engineering, high spec sustainable materials and optimised energy saving technology all integrated into rational, light, functional yet comfortable architecture.

All projects are strictly framed under the BREEAM certification parameters, achieving an A ranking for 100% compliance with strict sustainability regulations.
Bass Houses are leading experts in creating luxurious modern homes that are in balance with their surroundings and offer the healthiest living environment available today.


Cristina Le Peuch Gutiérrez and José Antonio Ortiz founded Bass Houses out of a passion to promote the design and construction of beautiful, sustainable homes that offer quality of life and a healthy living environment. In this, they fit the Comporta mould perfectly.